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Historic Constance is the largest German town on the shores of Lake Constance. This buzzing university town offers a range of leisure and pleasure activities to suit visitors of all ages. It has preserved its long-standing tradition as a trade and cultural centre while continuing to move with the times.

The charming old town quarter of Constance has remained virtually unchanged since the Middle Ages. The town’s impressive location on the shores of Lake Constance and the River Rhine and its proximity to Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein, make it an ideal holiday destination and a great departure point for exploring the surrounding region.

Konstanz’s famous landmark, the Imperia (pictured) is a statue that stands 9 metres high at the entrance to the harbour. The young woman holding two men in her upturned hands rests on a pedestal which rotates.
Konstanz’s Old Town covers a relatively large area for the size of the town – approximately 80,000 inhabitants – and you can spend hours wandering the twisting alleys and cobbled lanes. During the world wards, Konstanz, being so close to Switzerland, was not bombed – it kept all its lights on and tricked the bombers into thinking it was actually part of Switzerland. This means that much of the old town is intact and it is easy to see the prosperity of the town in past centuries.

The imposing Konstanz Cathedral (pictured) dominates the skyline at a site where the presence of a church has been recorded since around 600 AD. Its age – the current building was built around 1100 AD – means that over the centuries it underwent different architectural renovations, making its style an eclectic one. The District Court of Konstanz, currently celebrating 600 years of existence, is located within the historical Blarer'scher Domherrenhof building (pictured).

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