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Pictures Konstanz, Germany. Konstanz is situated on Lake Constance (Bodensee).
There is a rich history of culture in this town – from museums and art collections to concerts and plays, you can indulge your cultural side. Konstanz is home of The Philharmonic Orchestra, and boasts one of the oldest theatres in Germany. But Konstanz is also a thriving town for shopping, and boasts a special culinary traditional which is based around fresh fish from Lake Constance.

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The quality of living in Konstanz is extremely high, making it a popular destination for people from all generations. Its proximity to Switzerland as well as the natural beauty of the lake and the town itself mean that accommodation is in high demand and can be expensive. It is recommended to take your time researching options and to start this well in advance of when you want to visit. Accommodation ranges from five-star hotels to a budget-friendly bed in a youth hostel. Well-known hotels like the Ibis offer more reasonably priced rooms, whereas you can splash out and enjoy the luxury of the lakeside Steigenberger Inselhotel, where the waters of the lake lap gently at the shore. Youth hostels like Andy’s will free up more of your budget for enjoying the wide range of activities available in this area: from mountain climbing in Switzerland to boating on the lake, from skiing to surfing.
Konstanz, Rathaus Konstanz, Rathaus Germany Konstanz
Konstanz, Germany Konstanz, Schnetztor Konstanz, Schnetztor Konstanz, old town
Konstanz photo Konstanz Konstanz, Germany Konstanz free photo
Konstanz, Augustinerplatz Konstanz, Augustinerplatz Konstanz, fountain Konstanz, wall art
Konstanz, picture Konstanz photo Konstanz, photo Konstanz, image
Konstanz foto Konstanz free picture Konstanz, old town Konstanz photo
Konstanz, old town Konstanz, Kaiserbrunnen Konstanz free picture Kaiserbrunnen Konstanz, birds, fountain
Konstanz, fountain Konstanz, fountain old town Konstanz foto Germany picture
Germany Konstanz free picture Konstanz, old town Konstanzer Konzil
Konstanz Germany free photo Konstanz photo konstanz-301.jpg (110526 Byte)
Konstanz, Germany Konstanz photo Konstanz free photo Deutschland
konstanz-308.jpg (116892 Byte) Graf Zeppelin monument Konstanz Germany picture Konstanz free photo
Germany Konstanz free picture Konstanz photo konstanz-313.jpg (97604 Byte)
Konstanz, Bodensee Konstanz, Germany Germany photo Konstanz, Bodensee
Konstanz, lake Konstanz free picture Konstanz free photo Konstanz, lake
Konstanz, Bodensee Germany picture Konstanz, Germany konstanz-331.jpg (138474 Byte)
Konstanz Konstanz free picture Konstanz, Germany Konstanz photo
Konstanz, park Konstanz foto Konstanz, Wilhelm I monument Konstanz photo
Germany free foto Konstanz free foto Konstanz, Sealife Konstanz free photo
Konstanz, Germany Germany photo Konstanz free foto Konstanz, boats
Konstanz free picture Konstanz photo Konstanz, Rhine Konstanz, bridge over Rhein
Konstanz, Rhine river Konstanz, Rhine Konstanz free foto Konstanz, Rhine bridge
Deutschland Konstanz, german railway Germany free picture Konstanz free photo
Konstanz free foto Konstanz Konstanz, Deutschland Konstanz
Germany foto Konstanz free foto Konstanz image Konstanz, streets
Konstanz Deutschland foto Konstanz image Konstanz, Germany
Konstanz picture Konstanz photo Konstanz free picture Konstanz, Germany
Germany free picture Konstanz free photo Konstanz, Germany Konstanz free image
Konstanz, Deutschland konstanz-526.jpg (125659 Byte) konstanz-528.jpg (126392 Byte) konstanz-527.jpg (192633 Byte)
Konstanz photo Konstanz, traffic Konstanz, bridge, train Konstanz, railway
Konstanz, railway Konstanz, Arch´┐Żologisches Landesmuseum Deutschland foto Konstanz free photo
konstanz-537.jpg (159869 Byte) Konstanz picture Konstanz, Bodensee Arena Germany picture
Konstanz free picture Konstanz, street Germany free photo konstanz-544.jpg (121881 Byte)
Konstanz, Lauberbrunnen picture Konstanz, Lauberbrunnen photo Konstanz, Lauberbrunnen Konstanz, Lauberbrunnen foto
Konstanz Konstanz, Landratsamt Konstanz photo Konstanz free image
Konstanz, Deutschland Konstanz free image Konstanz
Konstanz free picture Konstanz Konstanz
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