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Pictures of Heidelberg, Germany. The old town, located on the southern bank of the Neckar, is dominated by the ruins of Heidelberg Castle, which perches 80 metres above the river. Famous visitors over the centuries have included Martin Luther, who defended one of his theses in the city in the 16th Century, and French writer Victor Hugo, who visited in 1838 and felt the weight of history there. The castle and river were painted many times in the first half of the 19th Century by the great English landscape artist J.M.W. Turner, but as a romantic painter he took some liberties with reality for the sake of the picture, so his landscapes are not a guide to how the castle used to look!

Curiously, Heidelberg suffered more damage during the wars of the 17th century than in the Second World War, with the result that many of its buildings are 18th century baroque. While larger cities in Germany were heavily bombed, Heidelberg was almost completely spared. After the war the US Army based a large contingent to the south of the city, adding 30,000 Americans, both soldiers and their families, to the indigenous population, which already includes 28,000 students.

Heidelberg now is a relatively safe city with low crime statistics, although it is wise to take the usual precautions, especially at night. But a bigger danger might be getting knocked down by one of the many cyclists, who outnumber motorists in the city. Cycle lanes, some painted red, are separated from the footpath by a white line. It is advisable to keep off them as some riders are not necessarily too careful of visitors!

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If you are a backpacker or travelling on a budget, Heidelberg has some good options for accommodation. Steffi’s Hostel Heidelberg (Alte Eppelheimer Str. 50) charges only 20 Euros for a place in a dorm. Youth Hostel Heidelberg (Tiergartenstrasse 5) costs 28.30 Euros, including breakfast. Hotel ISG (in Boxberg) and Hotel Restaurant Scheid (in Schriesheim) are good options, but both are a bit out in the suburbs unless you have a car.

For nightlife, and especially if you are young, head for Untere Strasse, which is packed with student bars. Try Gro�er Mohr or Sonderbar for a lively atmosphere, or one of the Irish pubs, Dubliner or O’Reilly’s, or The Brass Monkey on Haspelglasse, if you want to speak English. There are no fewer than 8 theatres in Heidelberg; one, the Zimmertheater on Hauptstrasse is Germany’s oldest private theatre; another, the state-run Stadttheater, is much larger. For children there is the puppet theatre Plappermaul, performing in a small 99 seater theatre in the Heimgarten (Kranichweg corner), while for adults a number of pubs have theatre performances, such as Romanischer Keller (Seminarstra�er 3).

Should you stay so long in Heidelberg that you exhaust all its attractions, the forest of Odenwald is only a few minutes away and offers hiking, mountain biking and Nordic walking. Not too distant are the Palatinate wine region, and the historic cities of Speyer and Worms.

Heidelberg, Hauptbahnhof Heidelberg Heidelberg, pictures new town Heidelberg, Germany
Heidelberg, Deutschland Heidelberg Heidelberg, sculpture Heidelberg, picture
Heidelberg, Germany Heidelberg, St. Bonifatius Heidelberg, picture Germany photo
Heidelberg Heidelberg, Deutschland Germany picture Heidelberg, Germany
Heidelberg photo heidelberg-017.jpg (95686 Byte) heidelberg-007.jpg (156891 Byte) Tram Heidelberg, picture
Heidelberg, Stadtgaertnerei Germany photo Heidelberg, Germany Heidelberg, fountain
heidelberg-025.jpg (106580 Byte) Adenauerplatz Heidelberg, Deutschland Heidelberg, picture heidelberg-027.jpg (144352 Byte)
Heidelberg, Germany Heidelberg Heidelberg photo Germany picture
Germany photo Heidelberg, picture Deutschland Heidelberg, Germany
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Heidelberg Germany photo Heidelberg, picture Germany picture
Germany Heidelberg, Kongresshaus Stadthalle Heidelberg Heidelberg Heidelberg, Kongresshaus
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Heidelberg Heidelberg, river Neckar Germany Heidelberg, ships Neckar
Heidelberg, Germany Heidelberg Germany foto Heidelberg, Germany
heidelberg-069.jpg (102411 Byte) Staedtische Buehne Germany photo Heidelberg Heidelberg, Germany
Heidelberg, Deutschland Heidelberg, picture Germany picture Heidelberg, Heuscheuer
Germany Heidelberg, fountain Germany photo Heidelberg, Germany
Heidelberg, picture Heidelberg photo Heidelberg Heidelberg, Deutschland
Heidelberg, Bibliothek Heidelberg, university library Heidelberg, picture Germany picture
Heidelberg, Universit�tsbibliothek Heidelberg photo Germany foto Heidelberg, picture
Germany photo Heidelberg, Germany Germany Heidelberg
heidelberg-137.jpg (126760 Byte) Heidelberg, picture Heidelberg Germany picture
Heidelberg, Deutschland Heidelberg, Kornmarkt Heidelberg, picture Heidelberg
Germany foto Germany picture Heidelberg, Germany Heidelberg, fountain
Germany photo Heidelberg Heidelberg photo Heidelberg, picture
Germany Heidelberg, Deutschland Germany picture Heidelberg,  Karlstor
Heidelberg, Karlstor Heidelberg, Carolo Theodoro heidelberg-157.jpg (99945 Byte) heidelberg-158.jpg (104373 Byte)
Heidelberg, Germany Germany Heidelberg Heidelberg, picture
Heidelberg, picture Germany foto Neckarm�nzplatz Heidelberg foto
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